How do I add a performance review form?

Navigate to the performance review settings.

Step 1: Click the “+” icon and choose “Add Performance Cycle”.

Step 2: In the next step, add a name for your performance review, say, Quarterly Performance Review. Then set the duration of the performance cycle. Finally, add a finish date. This date may be different from the last date of the cycle. Besides, a performance review can be completed once the cycle ends.

Step 3: Click the “+” icon in the “Exclude Users” box to exclude a few users from the performance review cycle. A right drawer will open. Search for the user/users to be excluded and click on “Exclude.”

Step 4: To add 1-on-1 with your performance review, switch to “Allow users to schedule 1-on-1” for 1-on-1 performance meetings during the performance cycle.

Step 5: Add your input streams to rate your employees:

Three inputs of performance reviews could be used to rate the user’s performance.

Self-assessment: Users will be able to rate themselves on their own.

Manager Assessment: Managers can rate their direct reports.

Committed OKRs: Based on the number of committed OKRs an employee has and their progress in percentage, performance can be measured.

These can be used as per your company’s needs and policies. Input streams can be turned off and on; however, the manager rating will stay ON by default.

Step 6: Set up the employee rating form in the next section. All the employees will have pre-selected employee levels, which can be done in the user management section.

There are two types of performance review cycles to be conducted.

i. Performance assessment role: Based on the group of employee level.

ii. Core value: All employees of the organization will be rated based on the company’s core values.

Select a rating form against each employee level in the performance assessment role. To do so, click on “Select Assessment Form”.

Once you click on it, a right drawer will open. You can select a form from the default choices given.

Before selecting, you can preview the form by clicking on the “Preview” option.

Select a form and click on done.

Step 7: You may add an existing form used over your organization. Click on “Manage Assessment Forms” and “+ Add Form”.

A blank template will appear where you can add the form name, rating, and descriptive questions. You may either save the form as a draft or publish it. Once you publish this form, it will be listed in the “Assessment Forms” list.

Step 8: From the “Manage Assessment Forms” section, you can edit a form by clicking on the pencil icon.

You may also clone a form by clicking the “Clone” icon in the kebab menu.

You can delete a form by clicking “Delete” in the kebab menu.

Once you have completed everything, save the form as a draft, or publish it.

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