What are notes and how to use them?

In the section on Notes, you may write notes on a particular objective (O) and key result (KR). Every contributor of the same KR can have a copy of Notes for the same O & KR. Others can view your Notes but not comment or respond to any of the Notes.

  • Once an OKR is saved or is in the draft status, an individual can click on the CFR icon to add notes to a particular OKR.

  • A right drawer panel will open. Switch to the Notes tab to start adding notes for your OKR.

  • Click on the text box to start creating notes. Once the task is written, click on the tick icon to save the task. You may also tag or mention your colleagues in the Notes section.

  • You may create as many notes as required. You may also edit and delete notes once submitted by clicking on the kebab icon.

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