How do the settings of the strategic objectives work?

Strategic objectives are purely setting-based. If your organization wishes to add a strategic objective, you must navigate to Settings> Strategic Objectives as an admin. Here, you need to switch the toggle to allow your organization to set strategic objectives.

You must add a creator with the right to add, update, and view strategic objectives. Click on the “+” icon and search for a user to share the rights.

Next, you may set the visibility of the strategic objectives. Select none if you don’t want people in your organization to see strategic objectives. Click on All Users for strategic objectives to be visible to everyone.

For strategic objectives to be visible to specific users, select Specific Users. A plus sign blinks from where you can manage users to whom strategic objectives should be visible.

Similarly, switch the progress visibility on for the required users.

You may also set how the progress to the strategic objectives Roll-up. We recommend Auto Roll-up of progress. You may, however, change it to Manual Roll-up if needed.

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