What is an alignment map?

You define an alignment map as a visual representation or framework used to align the objectives and key results (OKRs) of different individuals and teams in an organization. It helps ensure that objectives and key results align with the organization’s broader goals and strategic priorities. You gain a visual overview of how different teams and individuals contribute to the organization’s overall success through alignment maps.

An alignment map typically includes the top-level objectives of the organization, breaking them down into sub-objectives or initiatives assigned to specific teams or individuals. You should map key results linked to objectives to track progress and measure success. The map serves as a communication and coordination tool. Teams and individuals understand how their work aligns with the organization’s objectives and thus collaborate to achieve shared goals. Everyone must work towards a common purpose focused on the most important outcomes.

Overall, an alignment map in OKR visually represents how objectives and key results cascade from the top level of the organization to the team and individual levels, thus fostering alignment, transparency, and collaboration.

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